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About Julie

Currently a yoga teacher, low key dance mom, non-thrill seeker, random fact gatherer and yogi in training...


“the exposition of yoga begins now”

The very first yoga sutra is “atha yoganusasanam,” or “the exposition of yoga begins now” This can be interpreted as both an invitation and a challenge. Beneath this statement lies the question, Are you ready?” Will you practice with your whole heart and devotion even when it gets hard and frustrating? Are you prepared to shatter your carefully crafted ego and discover who you truly are underneath it all? My answer? Sure, let’s give this thing called yoga a go. Join me here as I share my travels along this path.  Sometimes I make lots of progress, sometimes I get stuck, and sometimes I lose my way but it’s all part of my journey through this life and my effort to level up in the next.  


Are you ready?


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